Fine Art of Woodturning
Fine Art of Woodturning

A little about the process

Nathan Hemperly is a fine art woodturner who produces collectable wood vases, bowls, urns and dyed vessels.  I collect the trees from Kansas to Washington state, bring them to my fine art woodturning shop, Marnasi Studios,  and begin the blocking and spalting process.  I want to preserve as much of the wood as possible and so I use a stabilizing process for the wood that is too soft (rotten) to use.  This wood has some great character.  Depending on the wooden vessels I'm working with, it may be left natural, dyed, carved or embellished with exotic inlay, rock, precious stone or metals.  The result is fine wood turned art that all can enjoy.
     For stabilizing punky wood try Mesquite Man's Cactus Juice, it works great.  Buy it at

Just added resin to the wood turning fun.  Burls I wasn't able to turn before, can now be saved and made into a beautiful work of art.  Hope you enjoy the resin / wood art!


Enjoy the Gallery and please contact me with questions or to purchase. Just go the the Contact Us page and let me know how I may be of service. Thank you

About Us

Marnasi Studios  was founded by Nathan Hemperly and has been in business for over thirty years.   We define our success by the high level of customer satisfaction we have.   Many return customers have commented that they like the variety of art pieces we have available.  The uniqueness of each individual piece, clearly shows and will not be dulpicated.  When you purchase from Marnasi Studios you truly have a one of a kind.  Collecting of trees is only the beginning to making vases, bowls etc.  Ivory, stones, metal and many other items used in the creative process are collected as well.  We look forward to creating a unique piece just for you.  If you would like an urn for a loved one please contact me.  Thank you





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Best of the Northwest Art Show is fantastic. Take a look  I have been a part of the Fall show for several years.  Great people to work with and a fantastic crowd.  If you haven't been, why not make a trip to Seattle and enjoy one of the Northwest Art Alliance shows.  They have several through out the year. It is a real pleasure to be a member of this fine organization.  

This is a local Art Gallery and School.  Wonderful people, dedicated to promoting and teaching art in various mediums.  Visit the site and when in town drop by the Pocatello Art Center and see some great art.

More shows coming up. In the mean time please meet a friend I did a painting of, Don.  He would rebuild bicycles for the neighborhood kids.  Big heart!!

Another interesting character, still a hippy at heart but down on advantage til his last days, Marvin.  A kind man.      



Les "Turk" is a wonderful man.  We enjoyed some good days together.  I think of him often and certainly wish him the best!



Now there is the look of a true rock collector extraordinare!  Rain / shine, who cares,  those rocks are always waiting.  Fine father, husband, son, brother, and friend.  "STONE" Hemperly,  I will paint his picture one day!

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