Fine Art of Woodturning
Fine Art of Woodturning

A little about the process

Nathan Hemperly is a fine art woodturner who produces collectable wood vases, bowls, urns and dyed vessels.  I collect the trees from Kansas to Washington state, bring them to my fine art woodturning shop, Marnasi Studios,  and begin the blocking and spalting process.  I want to preserve as much of the wood as possible and so I use a stabilizing process for the wood that is too soft (rotten) to use.  This wood has some great character.  Depending on the wooden vessels I'm working with, it may be left natural, dyed, carved or embellished with exotic inlay, rock, precious stone or metals.  The result is fine wood turned art that all can enjoy.
     For stabilizing punky wood try Mesquite Man's Cactus Juice, it works great.  Buy it at

Just added resin to the wood turning fun.  Burls I wasn't able to turn before, can now be saved and made into a beautiful work of art.  Hope you enjoy the resin / wood art!


Enjoy the Gallery and please contact me with questions or to purchase. Just go the the Contact Us page and let me know how I may be of service. Thank you

Welcome to Nathan Hemperly's Marnasi Studios, a fine art woodturning studio.

"The Keeper"

               "Red Mariana"

"Arrakis" side a

"Arrakis" side b

My name is Nathan Hemperly.  It is a joy to share these fine art wood pieces with you through Marnasi Studios.  I have been an artist my whole life and a wood turner over 30 years.   It is a real pleasure to make something beautiful.  I have painted landscapes and portraits in oil, watercolor, pen & ink and mixed as well, even exploring carving wood and stone.


By far though,  turning wood vessels on a lathe is captivating for me.  My brother Steve would carve wood with me, which started this journey into collecting trees, cutting, and then making these exciting pieces of wood into fine turned collectable wood art.  Thanks Steve.


The beauty of trees is much more than skin or bark deep.  It runs all the way through.  I truly love working with wood and creating collectable wooden vessels art pieces.  I hope you enjoy them also.


Let's "JUST DANCE". I made a pyrography machine, started bending nichrome wire like crazy and came up with some fun little shapes. This is Box Elder, dyed & pyro'ed. H - 5.0" X W - 14.5". Follow along below & see it's making. Enjoy!!

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